Tips On How To Select And Place Flower Pots!

Flower PotsThere are several advantages with growing plants in flower pots or garden planters.

For renters, it will be the added benefit because they can easily move the plants from house to house.

Home owners will also have a benefit by placing flower pots because they can grow the tropical or unusual plants inside their home in winter and they can transfer their plants into their corridor during the warmer months.

Placement of the flower pot is the important aspect. By placing the flower plot in right place, the beauty will increase; otherwise it may not look as beautiful as it has. So, you have to follow some tips and tricks while placing the flower plant in your garden or in your home.

Tips regarding the selection and placement of flower pot in your garden:

  • Before placing the flower plant in your garden, checkout which place will be suitable and don’t select the places which are already crowded with some plants because the flower pot may not look more attractive and beautiful in that place. Don’t try to place the flower pot in the middle of the lawn also, because your lawn will look out of place by placing the flower pots in the middle of it.
  • Selecting the size of the flower plants is also an important thing. Some flower plants require less space where as some other flower plants require more space. Depending on the size of the plant and its root system, you have to select the appropriate place for it. You can opt for smaller flower pots for the plants which have crowded root spaces, for example African violets and ferns.
  • Location also plays the important role in selecting the type of flower pots, for example if you want to place the flower plant in your balcony in the form of hang plants off the handrails, then try to get deck rail planters and window box planters.
  • You can also select the flower pots according to the time you want to put in maintenance. Don’t buy unsealed terracotta flower pots if you are likely to forget the daily maintenance chores, because these terracotta pots will dry out more faster than plastic flower pots. In such condition, try to choose ceramic pots which helps to stay moisture for more period of time when compared to other flower pots. You can even opt for self watering flower pots which are available nowadays in order to make the things easier for you.
  • Flower pots can also be used as highlights. Do you like to obtain dramatic effect for your garden? Then try to place two large garden urns on either side of your front door. To draw the eyes of the people, try to place beautifully crafted glazed flower pot in the middle of your court yard.