Winter Gardening Care


winter gardeningDuring winter the garden generally needs less care, as nature seems to go to ‘sleep’ with the arrival of the colder season.

Nevertheless there are quite a few things to look after, in order to preserve your garden’s health and prepare it for the spring.

Remove all rotted plants and roots from paths and flowerbeds or algae and moss from patios with a tar-oil winter wash.

Make sure you do not leave any old crops and grow bags trailing in the greenhouse for these may shelter hibernating insects and eggs.

You may use the fertilizer from the bag and apply it over the earth as nourishment for the winter.

Check your garden to see if the roots of any plants have surfaced due to frost and make sure you cover them up again to avoid freezing.

Gather up dried leaves from your lawn, otherwise, once they have decayed they can cause moss proliferation.

You can even produce some useful leaf mould for your soil, if you collect the leaves in large black garden bags, add some water and once you have attached the tops, simply make holes on the sides of the bags and store them for the winter.

If the winter is harsh and you have a snowfall, remember to shake the snow off all branches to prevent them from breaking.

If you are lucky enough to own a pond, whose surface has completely frozen, it is important to melt an area of ice in order to help disperse gas, which has formed under the surface.

The ice must not be cracked, for this may harm pond life due to the shock wave created.

Lastly do not forget the birds that have stayed for the winter, remember to feed and give them water, in return they will keep your garden free from insects and other parasites.