Effective Tips and Suggestions for Growing Rosemary Indoors

tips for growing rosemary indoors

Rosemary is a fragrant herb which can add amazing flavor and taste to your foods like vegetables, meats and other dishes. It is one plant which grows fairly well even when grown indoors in pots and containers.

In order to propagate it in the best way, it is best to grow it from the mother plant. Also, this plant needs a lot of light but minimal watering.  If you wish to grow rosemary indoors, then you can follow the below given tips and suggestions.

tips for growing rosemary indoors

Propagating and Transplanting

  • It is important to select a strong and high quality rosemary plant with recent growth as the quality of the mother plant will determine the quality of the produce. Recent growth is one factor which determines that the plant has not grown dormant so that you are able to spur new growth from a cutting.
  • The next tip is to snip several 2 ½ inches stems from the plant. Make sure you choose the most recently grown stems because they have the maximum growing potential.
  • Make sure you always remove the bottom part or set of the part you cut and make use of scissors or shears to do so. If you do so with your hands, then that could cause some damage and must be avoided.
  • Now the next step is to dip the bottom part of the cutting in some water. Remember that the cuttings don’t really need to soak but just be a little moist.
  • In the seeding tray, mix peat moss and perlite in equal amounts and fix each of the cuttings to its container. Also, moisten the rosemary using a spray bottle and use sterilizing potting soil for filling the terra cotta pot.

Caring Harvest

  • It is best to place your pot by the windowsill which receives plenty of light.
  • You can also buy fluorescent light if you do not have an area which receives enough sun light.
  • Before watering, allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry first since rosemary thrives in little dryness.
  • In whichever room you place the rosemary, make sure that the air in that room is mildly humid.
  • Always use fertilizer a little sparingly and using it twice a month is usually enough.
  • Place an electric fan near it to help the rosemary plant to thrive well.