How to Grow Turmeric Inside your House


Turmeric is a spice well known for its antiseptic as well as preventive qualities. It has healing and cleaning properties, but the most important characteristic of the spice is possibly that it has anti inflammatory properties that can compete with those of Ibuprofen. Since it is a useful spice, you might want to keep it handy all the time. This can be simply done by growing turmeric indoor, rather than running to the market every now and then.


Growing Turmeric Indoors: How to do it

Turmeric does not produce seeds. It grows out of root cutting, or rhizomes, just like another spice, ginger. You can easily grow them indoors following a few steps. Here are some guidelines for growing turmeric.

  • In tropical countries, turmeric can be planted at anytime. But in other areas, the best time to plant turmeric is spring. Since it is a tropical plant it needs a lot of heat and moisture to grow. However, it should be planted in a fertile loamy soil, which is well drained, since too much water in the soil can ruin it.
  • In order to grow turmeric you need to buy some turmeric roots from the market and cut in two small pieces with buds. Take a container and put some drained but moist loamy soil, and plant the roots about two inches below the soil level. Make sure that the buds are facing up. Water the plant, and keep it in a place where it can get some direct or indirect sunlight. Putting the turmeric under a heavy shade can be disastrous for the plant.
  • It takes about 35 to 40 days for the turmeric shoots to come out. When the plants grow, it is important to keep it well watered. When you are growing turmeric make sure you water the soil regularly, though if the climate is cooler you will not need too much of watering. The soil should not get soggy.
  • You will need 8 to 10 months to have edible turmeric produced from your plant. It is best that you harvest the roots of turmeric once it is fully matured. Harvest all the roots in a pot together when you are harvesting. You can save a few to plant for the next season, but you must change the soil.

Thus you may see, growing turmeric is quite easy and it can be grown indoors.