Easy Composting For Your Organic Vegetable Garden


compostingNowadays, you cannot buy vegetables which are free from chemicals like those found in commercial fertilizers and pesticides.

Your best choice is to have your own organic vegetable garden at home to guarantee that you eat only the freshest and chemical-free vegetables around.

Making your organic vegetable garden starts with the kind of soil you have. Here is where composting comes in.

You can make your soil richer by providing natural nutrients from decayed matter like plants through composting. Here’s how:

  • Make a compost pit by digging a hole approximately 4 ft wide and 5 ft deep. Make sure you do this in a shady area of your backyard. Secure it with a fence to prevent others from falling in it.
  • Have a garbage bag in your kitchen where you can throw all biodegradable products like rotten fruits and vegetables, spoiled food, peelings, and even kitchen refuse.
  • Empty this bag in your compost pit regularly.
  • When cleaning your yard, gather the leaves in a pile and throw them in the pit as well.
  • Once your pit is almost full, cover it with soil and leave to decompose for two-three months.

Use your compost as a natural fertilizer by mixing it with the soil you are going to use for your organic vegetable garden.

You no longer need to buy a commercial fertilizer just to ensure your vegetables grow well because your soil is already enriched with nutrients from decayed materials.

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