The Organic Gardening Tips You Can Try for Yourself


It is not just a trend to have organic food; it should become a way of living for the majority of people and in case you would like to have organic food too, you might be interested in organic gardening tips.

The soil

Before you actually start using the tips regarding organic gardening, you should test the acidity of the soil. The majority of the plants require a pH of 6.5 to grow fast and healthy. If the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, the roots of the plants won’t have access to the nutrients. In order to achieve the right pH add some line spread.

Organic Gardening TipsContainers

In case you don’t have the possibility to use the tips regarding organic gardening in a yard, you should go for the containers. T

he majority of the plants like tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, beans and squash can be grown in containers. Still there are some other plants that require more space, such as asparagus.

There are some special varieties that have been created to be small at size, such as the patio tomatoes. You can grow them in confined places.

Companion plants

One of the best organic gardening tips is to mix plants that help each other through fertilizing the soil or by repelling the pests. This way you won’t need fertilizers or pesticides.

As an example, beans and peas convert the nitrogen from the air into a form that the other plants around them can use. Some of the herbs and plants, like onions create a smell that will keep the pests away from the plants. On the other hand, as tips for organic gardening, you can plant plants that are toxic for the pests, like marigold. Also think about those plants that can attract the ‘good’ insects, the ones that are rich in nectar, like the sunflower. These ‘good’ insects include ladybugs, ground beetles and lacewings.


If you would like to become a responsible gardener, one of the organic gardening tips that you could use is to keep a journal of the activities. Note the date of planting and also take notes of the pests that you observe. As tips for organic gardening, observe the development of the different plants. If you have all this information, most probably the next year you will have a better success.

Three-sided bins

If you want tips that are truly for organic gardening, consider this one: get bins that have only three sides. These are more useful for composting because it is easier for the waist materials to turn into compost.

Quality over quantity

When looking for organic gardening tips, consider the fact that some of the plants offer a lot of crops. As an example, a zucchini plant can produce 3-9 pounds of fruit in one year.

Most probably this may be a bit too much for you or your family. In case you like to plan ahead, you could freeze the excess vegetables.

All the organic gardening tips can be used and they are efficient if you avoid using chemicals.