5 Effective Ways and Tips to Grow Bananas

effective ways and tips to grow bananas

Bananas are definitely one of the most tasty and healthy fruits in the world. If you wish to have your own produce of healthy and fresh bananas, then you must know that you can grow your own banana plant by following some gardening tips.

If you are someone who lives in a warm climate or have a good indoor growing location, then you can have a rather fruitful banana growing experience.  The following are some of the most effective ways and tips to grow bananas.

effective ways and tips to grow bananas

1. Temperature and Humidity

The first thing to consider is the site of plantation. You must check for the area’s temperature and humidity. The humidity should be atleast 50% and must remain constant.  The ideal daytime temperature must be between 26 and 30 degree Celsius and night temperatures must be lower.  Since bananas can take upto a year to grow, you must consider the temperature of throughout the year.

2. Find the Sunniest Area in your Yard

Bananas tend to grow best when they receive 12 hours of bright and direct sunlight every day.  Thus it is best to grow them in that part of the yard which receives the maximum sunlight.

3. Good Drainage

You must select that area for the plantation of bananas which received good drainage since this fruit needs a lot of water to grow and is prone to rotting if water is not available in adequate amounts.

4. Caring for the Plant

Another thing that you may need to consider while growing bananas is to provide them with enough care.  You must fertilize the plant immediately after planting and then repeat this process every month. It is best to use a store bought fertilizer, manure, compost or a mixture of these. You must water frequently but should be careful about overwatering because that could lead to the death of the plant.

Another way to take care of the plant while it is growing is to add mulch after removing dead leaves.  Always be on the watch for pests, dying leaves and discoloration as these are signs of damage and must be avoided.

5. Nurturing and Harvesting the Fruit

Banana plant flowers typically in about 6-7 months but may even take upto a year.  Wait for the purple flower to appear and for the petals to withdraw and reveal banana bunches.  Once they are revealed, you can remove extra portions.