What Is A Seed Planter? Do You Need It?


seed planterNow as a general rule, gardeners are not gadget geeks; for one there is a particular joy that emanates from the feel of soil between your fingers and then there is the satisfaction of working with your hands.

A seed planter however, may be the kind of gadget that not even the most traditional of gardeners may not be able to resist.

Whereas in agricultural operations a seed planter is a big machine, for home horticultural purposes, a seed planter is a smaller contraction that will help you plant and spread the seed evenly over a given area or a bed.

Some seed planters will make a hole in the ground, deposit the requisite amount of seed into the soil and then cover them with soil. [Soil testing]

Others simply make sure that a certain number of seeds are deposited making for an even and orderly distribution and planting of seeds. Sometimes a fertilizer spreader can also be used for the job of planning seeds.

The benefits of a seed planter are that it can save you a lot of time. Also it ensures that the planting is done in an orderly manner with uniform distances between rows.