Frogs – Why They Can Be Good For Your Garden And How To Attract Them


Let’s face it – frogs, toad and suchlike amphibians are hardly the prettiest of creatures and are their nocturnal ribbits. However, frogs are actually good for your garden as they can help to keep the insect population in control – they like flies, mosquitoes etc, so those pests can be controlled by frogs.

Other garden creatures such as slugs and snail populations are also kept in check by frogs – they maintain a natural balance in the garden and so are highly desirable. And frogs are harmless to your garden other way – they will not harm your plants or damage them.

frogs good for your gardenOne thing to keep in mind, however, is whether to decide to have frogs as a natural element in your garden or as quasi-pet – do not release any exotic varieties or imported species into the wild.

They could upset the balance of the local fauna and bring disease that could have a negative impact on your garden. And you can attract local species of frogs and toads to your garden by doing the following:

  • As far as possible use natural fertilizers and pesticides, rather than chemicals, these will repel and poison frogs so that they will keep away. This will also help attract birds and beneficial insects into your garden. Since the pest population will be checked by birds and frogs, you will need less pesticide in any case.
  • Frogs are amphibians and so need water of course – a pond or small pool in your garden or even in the general area can help attract frogs. In particular, toads and frogs like shallow pools where they can breed and rest.Vegetation is also needed for frogs’ natural habitat, for them to hide out in. Also, rocks around the edge of the water body are good idea. Rocks provide the nooks and crannies for frogs to live and hide from predators. If there is no such water body, keep a shallow basin of water in your garden, which can be regularly replenished.
  • You may consider getting a frog house which may be convenient for the frog and which may be an interesting decorative element for you to add to your garden.
  • Use a light in the general area where you hope to attract frogs – this will attract flies and other insects and therefore the frogs as well. Make sure that the light is low to the ground so that the flies are low and accessible to the frogs.

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