Organic Tomato Blight Prevention And Treatment Methods


When you grow tomatoes in your garden, you should know about one of the most dangerous diseases your tomatoes can catch.

This is the so called tomatoes blight. It represents a pathogen, very similar to the fungus disease. Even if one tomato is infected, the spores from it are spreading with the wind and infect the other tomatoes.

tomato blight 1

You can prevent your tomatoes from such a disease, but you need to provide a specific care to those plants. The organic copper sprays are protecting your garden from this pathogen, but you need to spray the tomatoes once in a week.

Most of the organic planters are using exactly copper spray, because it is totally natural and it is toxin free. If you want to buy such spray, you should read the label of the product carefully.

tomato blight 2

Usually the good organic sprays contains the sign of the Organic Materials Review Institute, which is a guarantee your product is totally organic. In case you aren’t an organic gardener, then there is a special toxic fungicide, but it needs to be applied as a preventive measure, because nothing can help after the disease strikes.

tomato blight 3

Another option is to use special sorts of fertilizers and to plant your tomatoes not so close to each other.

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