Container Gardening Tips And Tricks – Part 2


In part one of this post we saw the kinds of plant selection, and tips for drainage of your container garden. Here are some more tips for your container garden:

Use the right kind of soil: it is important to use potting soil and not just any garden soil. The soil should be well draining, but should be able to retain moisture well at the same time. It should be the type that does not compact but remains loose for longer.

Watering: Watering appropriately is of vital importance when talking of a container garden, as plants planted in the ground can have their roots burrow deeper to seek out ground water; this option is not available for container plants. They have to be watered periodically and should not be allowed to dry out.

Check to see when watering is required; in hot summer months you may need to do this twice a day. Water the containers when required, rather than at any fixed time. Remember, over-watering can also be detrimental.

Fertilizers: Even if you are using a pre fertilized potting mixture, the nutrients in the soil will become depleted after a time and will need to be replenished. A water soluble fertilizer can be used regularly to replace lost nutrients.

Control sun exposure: Some plants thrive in strong sunlight; others may need periods of shade. The benefit of a container garden is that you can move it in or outdoors when required so that optimal sunlight is available.