Do You Have Less Space? Then Go For Organic Container Gardening!

container gardeningAre you interested in gardening, but do not have space for gardening?

Don’t worry because you can grow the vegetables [Tips for vegetable garden] or flowers [Tips for flower garden] you want to with container gardening. It is easy and fun going.

Organic gardening container is roughly present everywhere, and it’s even easier than having a biological garden plot.

Container gardening allows to have enough healthy organic products to feed your family.

Basically, the same practices that you apply to traditional gardening can be used with container organic gardening.

Container gardening is a great innovation of gardening. This type of gardening is perfect for small yards and balconies where you want to add color and interest.

Organic gardening in container

The result of general organic gardening is Organic container gardening. The main thing to deal in container gardening is container. You can use containers made of wood, clay and pressed papers. Better avoid plastics and others made of non-renewable resources.

Soil is the main component in container gardening. The container gardens can be grown in straight peat moss or twenty percent of compost can be used in peat moss [Soil testing].

Potting soil with less soil is used because drainage and aeration problems can occur due to the garden soil based mix. The garden soil based mix can turn to concrete due to the repeated watering in the container.

Organic container gardening tips

container gardeningIf you have limited space, growing plants in containers will be the best solution. You can follow few tips for success.

Planting! Just before planting, wet the soil and mix well.

You can do this in a bucket or wheel barrow or you can even add water to the bag if you are using a premixed organic potting soil.

Arrange the plants in the pot, add soil around them and gently pat it around the plant. Don’t fill the soil too close to the top of the pot as you have to soak the plants well without water flowing.

Watering is very important as the container dries out quickly. Therefore, regular watering should be done in the containers.

Fertilizing is also necessary and you can use many organic fertilizers that are available in the market safely for gardening in containers.

Make your plant to look fresher by dead heading and also removing dead leaves that will help to control bugs.

Pest control is very much easier in organic container gardening than in regular gardening. You can see the whole plant and pick off bugs such as hookworms. You can bring it to the valve for washing leaves and stem when the plant is in a pot instead of in the garden.

Anyone can go for organic container gardening as it is easy and satisfying to grow your own food. Organic tastes are so good too. If you place the container in an area that provides shelter with natural light, you can grow in it throughout the year.