Marjoram – The Perfume Of A Perfect Memory


MarjoramWhile there are a variety of plants and herbs to grow in a garden, marjoram would be a beneficial and welcome addition to any garden. This plant has multiple applications both in and outside the garden.

The Marjoram in a garden brings bees and butterflies that are helpful to the pollination process in a garden.

The fragrance and flavor of marjoram has been compared to oregano, but it is a bit sweeter. Near vegetables, it helps to keep insects away that would do damage to the vegetables.

It is easy to take care of because it does not require much water and prefers being left in the sun.

As a spice, this plant can be used as aromatherapy oil, promoting relaxation and a general sense of well-being. In regards of food and cooking, it can be added to salads, used to spice up poultry and other meats, pizzas and for some delicious stuffing.

Marjoram can also be drunk as a tea and helps with headaches, colds and stomachaches. You can also use marjoram in potpourri satchel, bringing that spicy and relaxing scent into your home.

Marjoram is a great plant that can help before it is even out the ground of the garden. When looking for a plant that has many benefits in and out of the garden, keep this one at the top of the list.