The Art of Growing Orchids in the Hot Glasshouse


What are glasshouses good for? They are just perfect for growing orchids. For them to constantly produce flowers, you should keep the temperature of about 78 degrees F during the day and about 60 degrees F at night. The first thing that you should do in the morning is to turn on the thermostat and turn it down around sunset.

Also you should not forget to keep the humidity at a relatively high level. You should also add light, food and water at the right level to simulate the natural environment of the orchids and reduce the risks of diseases attacking your beautiful flowers.

Growing Orchids in Hot Glass House

Before planting the flowers, you should fill each pot halfway with medium for orchids. The medium that they need has the purpose of holding the plant up. There are several different mediums that you could choose from, including New Zealand sphagnum moss, bark chips, peat moss, coconut fiber, granular charcoal, sifted perlite, rockwool and cork. Place the plant in its new medium and pour the medium around it. Pack the medium firmly around the plant.

The humidifier in the glasshouse should be set to 60-80 percent. This is the best environment to be growing the majority of the orchids. In case you aren’t satisfied by the performance of the humidifier, you should consider buying a hygrometer. You will find this at the home improvement stores and it will help you to measure the level of humidity and set the humidifier accordingly.

The orchids also need moving air, and this is why it could be useful to mount small fans because in their natural habitat the orchids are exposed to breezes. In order to know whether the plants need more or less sun, you should keep an eye on their leaves. The normal color of the leaves is light green. In case they are yellow or they become bleached with orange or brown spots, you should move them to a shadier spot or to a more covered shelf.

On the other hand if the leaves become dark green it means that they need more sunlight, so move them to a spot that is more suitable for them. During those months when there is less natural sunlight, you could mount grow lights. These should be suspended at about 6 inches above the plants. These lights should be on for 12-16 hours a day, and then turn them off during the night.

The flowers need to be watered when their soil gets dry, the bulbs start to shrink or the leaves start to wrinkle. The orchids endure drought better than being saturated. Allow the water to run through the soil and to wash away the salt and the minerals that have been built up.

To make the orchids be healthy, you might want to apply water-soluble fertilizer every couple of weeks. You can find these fertilizers at gardening centers.

Nothing beats the look of blooming orchids especially if they shine inside a Victorian style glasshouse. If you click here you can find the perfect design for your orchid garden that will make the most of the fantastic orchids you plan on growing.

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