Improvised Pots For Your Indoor Herb Garden


We are fond of throwing away things which are still usable or recyclable.

Empty milk cans, old jars, and even basins can still be recycled into something useful especially in making an indoor herb garden.

indoor herb potNowadays, you have to be practical especially when it comes to gardening.

Growing plants like herbs doesn’t require new pots or containers in order to grow.

If you want to have a special indoor herb garden that is different from others, you must consider growing them in improvised pots composed of recycled materials. Here’s how:

herb pot

  • Gather old jars, tin cans, and others which can be used as pots.
  • Clean them thoroughly using a brush or a sponge.
  • Punch holes on the cans and other containers to allow water to flow.
  • Paint your improvised pots with different colors or put your own design.
  • Let them dry under the sun.
  • Once dried, fill with soil and plant your herb seeds or cuttings.

You can have a very appealing indoor herb garden by arranging your improvised pots in your kitchen window where they can have sufficient amount of sunlight daily.

With improvised pots, you can move your herbs and put them wherever you want. Further, you also help your environment by recycling.

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