Plants That Stay Intact All Through The Year

Plants That Stay Intact All Through The Year

The plants are the backbone of the ecology. Without plants, our ecosystem will crash which can lead to natural calamities that can cause damage our earth. Due to the huge settlement of civilization, and for our own benefits, we humans have already cut down in numerable plants. As a result, there is a mis balance in our ecosystem. Plants and trees help us in many ways. Plantation of plants and trees can lead help to sustain the balance. So, people should plant trees that will stay throughout the year. The flora and fauna of the world is an important factor to keep the ecosystem in a stable condition.

Plants That Stay Intact All Through The Year

Kinds of plants

There are usually two kinds of plants.

  • Deciduous plants, which shed their leaves during winters. Some of these plants might look like they have died but in reality, they do not die during winter. These plants start shedding during the fall and again regain new leaves during spring. Some examples of these trees are Russian sage, coreopsis, catmint etc.
  • Evergreen plants, which stay green throughout the year. They do not shed their leaves in the winter season. There is a wide range of such plants. Trees, shrubs, and herbs can be evergreen. Some examples of evergreen plants are Pine, Fir, Rose, acacia gardeners love to plant these plants as they make the gardens look beautiful.

Types of Flowers

People are now more conscious about the ecology and they have started plantation drives to save the world. But before the plants are planted, people should know which plant can go throughout the year and which plants can’t. Apart from the above-mentioned plants, there are few more types of plants that are different from them.

  • Year-round flowers- There are many plants that bloom throughout the year. Not all plant can bloom during every season. All the evergreen plants do not blossom throughout the year. The color of the flowers of these plants is mesmerizing. People who love to keep plants in their gardens usually plant these plants. Some example of the year-round flowers is Chinese hibiscus, sweet alyssum etc.
  • Containers- these plants are grown in containers as the roots of these plants are small. These plants can be kept inside the homes and can be grown throughout the year. These plants are sensitive to the cold season so mostly during the winter season, it is suggested to keep these plants indoors. The harsh winter conditions may kill these plants. The flowers of these plants are usually small and colorful. Vibrant colors of the flowers make these plants look beautiful. These plants are also often kept in the offices. Some fruits may also grow in the containers. Some examples of these plants are Adam’s needles, plumeria, stonecrop etc.

People are now aware of the fact that without proper plantation, the ecology of the earth is in deep danger. So planting trees is essential. The gardens look beautiful if it is lush green. The gardeners should look after the trees and should have proper knowledge about the trees that can grow throughout the year so that planting those trees makes the garden look beautiful.