Top 10 Easy to Grow Flowering Plants

Gardening is a well known and time honored hobby for many – irrespective of age and gender. Though some people go for kitchen gardening, generally more people seem interested in flower-plants. All flowering plants are not easy to grow; some of them need meticulous processes and care all year round like the rose, while there are some flowering plants that are easier to grow and need only watering.

The expertise of a gardener while handling flowering plants do make a difference in the look of your garden; while some gardens look barren even during the summer, some others bloom in all possible colors. It is thus important to select the right flowering plants if you want to have a vibrant garden.

easy to grow flowering plants

Top 10 Easy to Grow Flowering Plants

Here is a list of top 10 easy to grow flowering plants which can make your garden look colorful and beautiful:

1. Sweet Peas

Not only are they colorful, they also have a sweet smell. And the best part is that more you pick, the more rapidly they flower. They have quite large, easy to handle seeds, but if you wish to avoid the sowing part, you can also buy the plug plants.

2. Californian Poppy

Even if the soil quality is bad and you are not too careful about regularly watering the plants, Californian Poppy is your best choice.

3. Sunflowers

It is so easy to plant sunflowers as all you need is an open space, sun and soil, and voila, your plant starts smiling.

4. Marigold

Like Sunflower, Marigold is another flowering plant that is easy to sow. Also, Marigold can be found in different varieties, and the plants grow rapidly.

5. Hardy Geranium

This is another low maintenance flowering plant for people who have less time in their hands. They can be grown from bare roots too, apart from the seeds.

6. Pansy

The colorful pansies that add cheers to the garden are actually quite simple to maintain and plant. They can be planted by sowing seeds or through plug plants.

7. Fuchsia

This is another colorful flowering plant that can be used to decorate your patio and can be hung in the baskets in the balcony. This is also a low maintenance plant.

8. Nasturtium

Besides adding color to your garden, the flowers of this plant are also edible. The seeds are big enough so that they can be easily planted.

9. Aquilegia

A variety of colors are available when it comes to Aquilegia, and they can endure most weather conditions. They also set seeds year after year.

10. Nigella

This is another simple flowering plant where you just need to scatter its seeds and then it will take care of its own. The seeds for the following year is also set by the plant when its starts fading.

Thus with the above given list of plants, your garden will surely look lovely with multiple colors of flowers.