Some Tips and Suggestions for General Care for Fruit Gardening

suggestions for general care for fruit gardening

Fruit trees and plants are very valuable to home gardeners who not only want to make their own food but also save money. Fruit gardening is not only a delicate task but is also something which is very rewarding once the fruits ripe and ready to eat.

Once you have decided what kind of fruit you wish to grow, the next step is to select the varieties that are perfect for your weather conditions and other specifications. There are many tips that one can follow for general care of fruit gardens and the following are the main ones:

suggestions for general care for fruit gardening

  • One of the first tips for general care for fruit gardening is to plant your fruit trees and plants where they will receive at least six hours of sun every day at the time of the growing season.
  • The placement of the trees bearing fruit must be such that the sun should not be blocked by buildings, fences and other types of obstacles.
  • The fruit trees must be planted at least three feet from the driveways and the sidewalks and they must be six feet away from the buildings. This is so because the roots will spread wider from the tree crown.
  • You must allow atleast ten to fifteen feet of space between the different fruit trees or plants.
  • Watering of fruit trees and fruit plants is a very important task. You must water regularly and also follow the important tip of mulching as this can help to retain the moisture of the soil and reduce the needs of water.
  • It is also important to fertilize using good organic fruit tree food as this can help in its growth.
  • Most of the fruit trees require pruning as this helps to remove any kind of dead or damaged wood.
  • You may also need to follow insect, pests and disease control methods and processes. You can spray to control the spread of diseases or pest related problems. Some fruits that may need these are apples and peaches which often catch fireblight which is a bacterial disease.
  • Another seasonal activity that you may need to follow is fruit thinning. This process involves the removing of some of the fruit so that the rest of the fruits can reach a reasonable size and their growth won’t be hindered. Some examples of fruits which need thinning are apples and peaches.