The Most Practical Backyard Garden Ideas


A well-landscaped and thought out backyard garden is a source of peace and tranquility. The gardening world is always abuzz with new ideas and one is tempted to use them when planning a backyard garden. Not all backyard garden ideas may be practical for a given space. They may suit some backyards better than others.

Basic layout ideas for your garden in the backyard

A backyard garden can use casual or formal landscape ideas. Do keep in mind that formal landscapes are not just expensive to start with but need premium maintenance too. Details like maintaining the lawns and symmetry of the garden can be a major recurring expense in case of backyard gardens. Only if one is prepared to shell out large sums for the upkeep of formal landscapes, should consider them as backyard garden ideas.

Backyard Garden Ideas

Smart practical ideas would include a focal point as part of the backyard garden planning. The focal point need not be a fountain or a statue. It could be a special arrangement of plants or even a color that is different from the rest of the garden. The idea is to create a focal point that stands out and yet does not stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

Curves make a landscape more interesting, but an overdose of them can kill the whole look and practical use. A lot would depend on the size of the garden placed in the backyard, for average backyard gardens would do well with gentle and controlled use of curves be it in beds or as paths.

Backyard garden ideas should compliment the architecture of the house. If the house happens to have architectural flaws, they can be incorporated in a way to take focus away from them. The garden landscaping should not look crowded. There should be plenty of breathing space, to allow the appreciation of the garden itself.

Creative backyard garden ideas

Some casual ideas that can add loads to a regular backyard garden would be the use of unusual objects for decor or the careful choice of plants that add character to the garden. A quirky idea would be to use brightly colored birdhouses of different shapes and sizes. These birdhouses, hung with the help of huge colorful garden hooks, in an asymmetrical pattern on a garden wall/fence will add a lot of fun and interest to a backyard garden space.

Choose plants that will help create a garden that remains colorful throughout the year.  Keeping color in the backyard garden will make it into a compliment on the house irrespective of the time of the year. Plants like Hellebores, Mahonia, Daphnes, Pieris Japonica, Christmas Rose, Winter Jasmine, Jelena Witch hazel, Kaffir lily, butterfly magnet, etc. bring color to the garden in the fall and winter months.

Making the most of your garden in the backyard

Practical backyard garden ideas could include the use of ornamental grasses or herbs to create unique focal points and even entire landscapes. They can provide color and even fragrance to a small garden. Vines can be incorporated as a screening idea into the garden. They can be made to grow along fences or trellis to provide foliage that keeps prying eyes away. Some suitable vines would include Bougainvillea Mandevilla , Moon vine, purple hyacinth, honeysuckle, ivy, trumpet weaver etc.

Practical backyard garden ideas can help convert a barren space into a tranquil haven.