The 2011 Gardening Trends


Having a place where you can rest after a crowded day at the office is a dream. A garden with a contemporary design where you can socialize with family and friends is a good idea.

The 2011 gardening trends call for a slightly different touch so far design is concerned. Though in general the modern urban areas do not dispose of a lot of space, you can be amazed by the results obtained if you organize the space properly.

zen garden

A trendy garden can mean a plus of color, a different space display, in short a professional touch you can achieve by yourself with a drop of time and imagination. Having a trendy garden might be a little expensive if you hire a landscape architect but learning about the trends may actually allow you to do it yourself.

The inner yard

For those with a small yard and a very limited place, having a garden like place to relax after a day’s work is not impossible. There are different patterns one can approach – the easiest being picking up some trendy suspended flower pots and some flower containers. Place them strategically around the yard. Add a cast iron bench and a brick barbecue and you have a small but cute place where to entertain your guests.

Zen Gardens

2011 brings back the minimalist oriental trend. The Zen gardens are becoming very popular for urban areas especially because of their studied elegance. The concept encourages you to create rock formations, delicate spots filled with white pebbles.

The rustic garden also can be modern and trendy. The secret lies in the type of the garden furniture, the way it is hidden or displayed, but also in the way the space is divided with it.

The borders of a trendy garden must follow simple lines that would make the garden come “alive” with a message.

A garden can become trendy if you use vegetal sculpture or daring mineral elements as well as meaningful landscaping lines encouraging the desire to contemplate and relax. Such a garden will use landscaping art as a connection to the architecture of the house but also to the mind “architecture” of the person enjoying it.

Apart from being beautiful a trendy garden can also be functional. Consider raised garden beds if you have the place to host them. Choose plants that fit in the whole ensemble and allow yourself the luxury of spending a few hours a day doing come casual gardening.