5 Tips To Keep House Plants Healthy


House plants are wonderful ways to bring a hint of nature to indoors. House plants can be any thing from herbs, vegetables to decorative ornamental flowers.

However, you can enjoy the success of including greenery to your house, if you maintain good care of house plants.

Here are few tips for you to keep house plants healthy.

  • No matter whether it is indoor or outdoor plant, sufficient sun light is very crucial element for healthy plant growth. Even though it is quite challenging task for you to provide enough light for house plants, ensure that your house plants get enough light for healthy growth.
  • Watch your plants growing indoors regularly and check changes in colors of leaves. If your houseplants lack enough light, they will tend to look droopy and life less.
  • Ensure that you use good potting mix according to the requirements of different types of plants. Best potting mix will provide enough nutrients for the plants and helps to keep plants healthy.
  • Water the plants according to their watering requirements and allow the water to drain out from the bottom of the pot to avoid drying of the roots.
  • Feeding or fertilizing the plants regularly is very essential and it will keep the plant healthy and free from infections and pests.

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