Tips For Creating Your Own Compost And Lawn Fertilizer With The Help Of Leaves!


lawn fertilizerIt is common that if you are interested in growing garden or lawn [Lawn Maintenance], you wish to grow it successfully. But, for some it is a problem as they cannot afford to buy costly fertilizers.

You don’t have to worry because you can use leaves as a good lawn fertilizer after composting [Usage of fertilizer].

More and more gardeners seem to agree with the irony of throwing leaves into trash, and are changing the way they use leaves, both in the lawn and in the landscape.

How are leaves helpful to the lawns?

Many of you are aware of the benefits of leaves. There are varied benefits with leaves in your garden; you shred them into the lawn, compost and use as a soil amendment or use in bed areas as mulch.

Leaves become positive addition to soils. They add necessary organic matter, which improves soil structure, availability of nutrients and water holding capacity.

Micronutrients are also provided by leaves, which are necessary for plants in small quantities. Most fertilizers do not provide micronutrients like iron, zinc and manganese; therefore leaves are important source of these nutrients. Hence, you can refer leaves as natural lawn fertilizer.

Leaves when used as mulching material for planted beds can help the soil by preventing it from freezing and then thawing, which leads to soil and root damage.

Mulch prevents erosion and improves the soil’s ability for retaining water and nutrients and it also becomes a food source for micro-organisms within the soil.

Few lawn care tips for homemade lawn fertilizer and composts

One of the most efficient method of recycling is starting your own composite. The household garbage, leaves and lawn clippings are put to better use and did not take space or rot the garage. There is a necessity to develop composting instead of throwing away because it gives reward to your community, lawn and even wallet.

The compost is most effective with the mixture of carbon rich material, nitrogen rich material and moisture. These wastes of household can help your lawn or garden for a quick growth. You can save money with little effort and time and you can also get good lawn fertilizer that is made at home.

A free soil amendment is provided by composting, which can be used for keeping garden and lawn healthy. Composting the leaves will also help your garden or lawn to decrease the amount of waste found in the yard and the kitchen by converting it into a usable soil amendment.

Organic matter increases by adding the leaves compost or lawn fertilizer to the soil and this in turn improves the soil’s ability to hold water and nutrients.

Remember always to recycle leaves into garden or lawn beds so that you can enhance the soil conditions of your plants as well as save money and natural resources that will otherwise be used to remove and then replace that important source of organic matter.

So, instead of cursing the falling leaves, you can think them as a free source of lawn fertilizer, compost and mulch for a great and successful gardening.

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