Easy Seeds For Beginners In Home Gardening


planting seedsStarting your own garden can be a way of saving a lot of money that you would normally spend on vegetables. They are a lot of delicious veggies that you can grow in your backyard without much hustles.

One of the easiest seeds to plant in your garden is beans. They have very large seeds that are easy to handle.

You can plant them in any order you like as they are very easy to see when you put them in the ground.

Bush beans are perfect for gardeners who don’t have much space because they can even grow in a container. Bean seeds will not sprout if you plant them in cold wet soil, they will just rot instead.

Warm humid soil is the most ideal for beans. There is no fertilizer required for beans once they start growing as their roots produce nitrogen for later use of the bean stalk.

One of the most popular plants that people have in their gardens is tomatoes. The reason they are so popular is that they are very easy to grow. Cherry tomatoes are especially good for those people who were not blessed with warmer climates.

Once they start to bear they can go on generating plenty of tomatoes through out until winter finally withers them down.

Lettuce is also one of the easiest seeds to plant in your garden. The seeds are very small so the best way to plant them is to mix them with some sand and shower them over your garden. You can actually mix seeds of different types of lettuce for a variety of salads. [growing lettuce]

With lettuce you can literally sow the seeds and sit back to watch them grow. Lettuce seeds sprout quickly in warm conditions but it’s one of the few crops that are actually a cool season crop. However there are some types of lettuce that can grow well in the hot weather.

Radishes are also an easy choice for gardeners. It only takes about 20 days from seed for radishes to be ready. This makes radishes one of the most fool proof root vegetables in the field of gardening.

With radishes you can actually plant them early while you wait for the soil to get warmer for other vegetables like tomatoes and beans. There are quite a few types of radishes that you can choose from like French Breakfast and Easter Egg II.