Top 5 Options to Provide Support to the Garden Plants

You will be startled to see how fast plants will grow once planted in the garden; it’s a joyous experience indeed to see small sprouts growing to six feet tall trees. However, it’s a challenge for the gardener to make the plants grow firm, stout and strong towards the sky.

For this purpose you will need the help of right supports for your plants. Supports like stakes, cages, arbors, and trellises are mostly used for garden plants; however it greatly depends on which plant it is and what are its characteristics of growth.

There are too many reasons why you would prefer to support your plants – it allows more space in the garden by keeping the plants upright in right place, prevents the ripen fruits and foliage fall off, enhances air circulation within the plants, keeps pathways clear, and also keeps plant disease at bay. Here are some types of supports for garden plants that you can use in your prized garden

1. Pergolas and Arches

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Such structures will provide a different look to the garden and will look the best for any season. Such designs and structures will usually be made of wood and will be stained or painted so that it resists the elements. The plastic and the steel types are also available and hence, you can choose the one that suits your garden perfectly.

2. Cages and the Metal Supports

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Cages and metal supporters are most of the times of great use in the vegetable gardens. They are usually short and will be made with the help of durable and sturdy material. They are the best to provide support to the tall plants.

3. Walls

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If you have huge walls, even that can serve as a great support for your plants. Plants such as Boston Ivy will grow against the walls in a perfect way and will not require any kind of additional support. A few creepers also grow tall against the walls and hence, are considered wonderful support for the plants.

4. Fencing

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The climbing roses will look the best over fences and will add to the appearance of the garden. For the fences, you will need the help of plastic nets and strings so that it can be designed in the right manner and this will surely assist them to grow in the right way.

5. Flat Trellises

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These are usually made for defining a space or also for providing privacy. These could be freestanding or could also be anchored to the walls.

The above mentioned ways of providing support to the garden plants will definitely work in a fruitful way and will surely lead to growth of the plants in a healthy manner and also keep them firmly rooted to the ground. Depending on the type of plants, the right way of providing support needs to be chosen.