The Patio Retreat to Conquer Any Owner’s Heart


A well thought out and designed patio is your very own piece of heaven right at the footsteps of your home. It can be the haven that you want after a tiring day at work, or the perfect place to spend a fun filled evening with friends or family. The patio can be designed to reflect your needs and satisfy your aesthetic needs too.

When designing a patio, take some time to think exactly what purpose you would like your patio to serve. It should be designed accordingly so that it becomes your favorite place at home.

Patio Retreat

The patio can be designed for privacy with the help of hedges and walls or fences. The path leading to the patio can be designed as a curve to hide it from prying eyes.

Another trick to keep attention off your patio is the use of bright colors in your garden.

A profusion of brightly colored flowers can serve as a good distraction. You may even consider planting a tree near the patio; it will not only act as a screen but also provide shade for you to relax under.

The patio can be designed in different styles. You can choose cottage style or a modern look or even a style that is an extension of your home.

Once you have decided on a style, all the elements in the patio should be coordinated to create the desired ambience.

Cottage style patio will call for traditional material and plants that create a romantic and soft feel. Weathered looking ascents like a bench or old timber retaining wall add to the cozy and intimate feel. Plants like violas and hydrangeas add to the cottage look.

The use of contemporary style will lend a modern look. Stair stepped planters, gravel, concrete blocks painted white, ornamental grasses and themed water features can all enhance the modern feel.

Even if you are not looking for a particular style, you can make your patio interesting with color and shapes. Go geometric with the concrete pavers. Lay them out in crazy designs and irregular patterns to create a point of focus.

You can even mix pavers of different shapes. Make your patio look more spacious with pillars near the entrance or try placing a couple of pieces of patio furniture on the nearby grass patch to create the feeling of an extension.

There is a lot you can do to enhance the patio’s look. You can easily coordinate the colors of accessories with the patio and the foliage around it. If you have particularly vibrant blooms planted near or in the patio, these colors can be brought forward with the help of similar accessories. Similarly the color coordination can echo the colors used in the paving scheme too.

Look to create a point of interest or focus when planning the patio. It could be an interesting feature or a breathtaking view of the garden. An orchestrated view will bring in elegance to your patio.

You can really personalize the patio with special features like a hot tub, camp fire pit, out door rugs and other items to make it your special space. Use fragrant flowers like roses around the patio to add to the sensory pleasures. Let the patio be a place you want to feel free to be yourself and completely unwind.

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