Tree Planting In Your Garden To Conserve Energy And Save Environment!


tree plantingThinking to plant trees in your garden is a very good job that anyone can do.

November is a time to think of trees. The southern Arbor Day is celebrated the first Friday in December.

Everyone celebrates this day by planting trees available or order from the nearest nurseries [Landscaping trees to beautify your garden].

Planting is wonderful job that can be done by everyone and this tree planting helps to save our native species in our country.

Few steps to plant trees

We plant trees because we love them and want to save our native species which are our natural resources. Tree planting job is perfect job that helps not only you but the whole environment. For planting a tree, the first and important thing you have to perform is choosing at least a five to six foot grown tree in the nursery or choosing the one which you are interested to plant.

Next, select the place where you want to plant the tree in your garden. The planting area should be as deep as the root ball and three to five times its diameter by loosening soil. A hole should be dug in the middle of the area and the root ball should be set even with ground level.

Spread a two to three inch layer of mulch on entire area, but not within six inches of tree trunk. If you plant trees around your home [Tips for home garden], it will help in conserving energy and lowering the cost of utility bills. In addition to saving money, this conservation of energy directly translates to less carbon -dioxide produced at the generating plant that serves your house.

Choose the native species to plant

Red maple is our native with its brilliant red, orange or sometimes yellow leaves that match those of sugar maple or brilliance. You can choose the red maple because it is easily adaptable to a small yard because it is of medium size.

Native river birch is a tree that can handle our acidic soil from slightly dry to swampy. It’s immune to notorious bronze birch borer and it’s the only birch that tolerates really hot summer. If you are looking for a tree planting in a full sun location near hard scape that can make the area doubly warm, the river birch duraheat is extra heat tolerant.

You can also choose the fast growing native willow oak that has fine textured foliage and branching habit which is easily transplanted. The golden rain tree is often referred to as a southern native tree. It’s native to Asia but has adapted well to our climate and easily propagates by self sown seeds.

Tips that help in the fast growth of a tree

You can go for rotted cow manure into the soil while tree planting and top dress or mulch with this material. You can also go for compost or any natural fertilizers that boost the growth of trees.