Growing Organic Vegetables In The Garden


organic vegetablesMost of us realize by now that ordinary cultivation methods used in the gardening industry today lead to the pollution of the soil, water as well as our metabolism.

Nowadays more and more people understand the necessity to change this trend of using chemical fertilizers, and are looking towards organic gardening.

This method of gardening results in immediate benefits to the environment and most of all to us. Today a large number of homes have started growing their own vegetable gardens using natural fertilizers in order to respect the natural balance of their gardens.

Those who do not have a vegetable patch are turning towards shops that sell organically grown fruits and vegetables, with the objective of preserving our earth and our bodies.

In organic gardening no herbicides, insecticides, pesticides or other toxic products are used; all the vegetables and fruits are grown naturally. The substances used to substitute the chemical ones are composted manure or the remnants of leaves and mulch, these are used to till and prepare the soil.

When growing vegetables for your own domestic use the soil has time to recuperate in minerals and other substances it needs, thus respecting the natural cycle in nature.

In industry, mass production does not leave the time for the soil to regenerate, leaving it depleted and poisoned.

Organic farmers also respect the natural cycle of the soil, by using a method of crop rotation and they grow their crops with natural nutrients, such as manure and leaves to name a few, respecting the soil and the animals that live from it and nourish it.