Vegetable Garden Odds-Important Tips and Measures

vegetable garden odds-Important tips and measures

A vegetable bed becomes healthy and productive only when the proper garden care is being taken. There are some important gardening conditions that are needed to be followed for different vegetables to be grown at the different time of the year. The care measures and tips that are to be monitored to prevent the vegetable garden odds are listed under.

vegetable garden odds-Important tips and measures


There are some vegetables that grow best with the support system. For growing sprawling tomatoes, cages are needed, whereas for growing climbing vines like beans, trellis is installed. To make your vegetable bed grow rapidly, make sure to install this support system before or immediately after planting the vegetable.


Application of fertilizers to your vegetable garden beds is another important tip that should be taken care of to prevent any kind of garden odds. In a planted vegetable bed of approximately 50 square feet, minimum of 1 pound of fertilizer is must. These are needed so that sufficient nutrients are being provided to the growing vegetables from the soil.


One of the most important tips to take care of the vegetable garden odds is the amount of water that is needed to be sprinkled. To have strong roots and productive growth, regular irrigation is required. Most of the vegetables need 1 inch of water so that the top layer of the soil doesn’t get dry. During the hot and dry climate, the vegetables need usually frequent watering. Male sure not to sprinkle excess water as it will lead to soil foliage and excessive moisture to penetrate in the vegetable’s roots.


Weeds are very competitive in nature and they tend to compete with the growing vegetables for its nutrients, light and water. While you prepare your vegetable garden bed, make sure that you pull the weeds weekly so that they don’t penetrate deep inside the soil. You can even pull a hole between 2 consecutive vegetable rows as this helps in uprooting the weeds at a very young stage.

Pest Prevention

If you are looking for the ways to prevent vegetable garden odds, pest prevention is a very important measure that should be taken care of. Insects are very harmful for the vegetables growth and can spread diseases in them. You should lay proper inspection towards your vegetable garden and take utmost care of the pest damage. Insecticidal soaps can be sprayed to kill these harmful pests from growing.