Onions, The Layered Friends in The kitchen Garden


Growing onion in your own garden isn’t a difficult issue and most likely depends on the sort of onion.

Usually the gardeners are using the Golden Bear F1 seeds, for they are easily grown in all kind of soils. A special sort is the Arthur F1, for it will produce quality bulbs. In case you want to grow onion, you will need to prepare the soil in October as you make sure you dig well the area.

Remove the stones and clean well the area, as you make sure there aren’t any signs of the previous plants grown there. Seed the onions as you make sure they are well placed in the soil.

Use a special fertilizer in February, when is the right time to help your bulbs to grow bigger. The spring planting onions require dry and well drained soil.

The autumn planting onions needs a watering only in the first few weeks after their were sown. In case you want the typical salad sort’s onions, you can try the seeds “Toughball”. The sort is very tolerant and produces small onions that are perfect for the spring salads.