Growing Sunflowers To Add Beauty To Your Gardening Space


Sunflowers are one of the most cheerful and useful flowers.

Growing sunflowers will certainly add some beauty to your gardening space. These sun loving plants is very easy to grow and make a wonderful and bright contribution to your garden.

Their seeds provide delicious wholesome treats for you to snack on and they can also be pressed to extract oil.

Some people consider sunflowers to be flowers for their garden while others view them as food. This plant which was originally found in North America can serve as both a pretty flower in your garden or wholesome nutritious food.

sunflower plantPeople in North America used to grind the seeds to make cakes and bread. A lot of people all over the world also plant it as a flower to enhance their gardens and attract birds in their yards. These are also great as pet food because they can be given to birds, hamsters and mice.

A sunflower plant is not very hard to grow in your own garden. The seeds are very big which makes it relatively easy to sow it in the ground in any form or pattern that you desire.

Just put the seeds directly into the soil making sure you space them enough to give them ample room to grow. The amounts of space you leave for the plants to grow when growing sunflowers depend on which type of sunflower you are growing as some types are bigger than others.

Growing sunflowersAfter you have put them in the ground make sure you use a screen to cover them otherwise they might become delicacies and treats to birds and other animals that can dig them up. If you grow sunflowers indoors then you should put each seed in individual pot. You can later on transplant them in your garden.

When growing sunflowers you should take note that sunflowers grow well in rich soil and do badly in sandy soil. The most important thing is to make sure they develop their roots fully as this can help with their growth in the drier conditions.

Like the name suggests these flowers love the sun but they can tolerate the occasional shade. Just make sure the spot that you choose to grow them has a fair amount of sunshine and if you grow them in a pot put it in the sun every now and then.

Sunflowers do not suffer from a lot of diseases and can be grown through out the year. The only problems you encounter with growing sunflowers are birds and squirrels invading your garden. Most insects do not pose as a major problem to your plants.

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