Hummingbird Feeders for a Lovely Garden Ecosystem


Some people would like to have gardens in order to have nice flowers, to have a place to go out to and enjoy the fresh air. For other people the garden has something different to offer: animals and birds.

In case you want to make your garden friendly for them, you can be sure that at some point it will be filled with life and with different kinds of sounds, not to mention all the colors that will be brought in by the soft flight of the songbirds.

Hummingbird FeederFor example, you might be thinking about having hummingbirds in the garden. The most important thing to know in this case is that they like those flowers that produce nectar, so be sure to plant some.

If you think that the flowers might not be efficient enough, you could create artificial feeders for them as well.

It is said that these birds are mesmerized by sugar-water in colorful feeders. Although they really like to use these feeders, there are some aspects that you will have to be careful about.

In the moment when you purchase your first hummingbird feeder, be sure to get one that has a small reservoir. Although you will have to fill it more frequently, the water will always be fresh.

As more and more birds will make a stop in your garden, you could get more feeders, or a feeder with a larger reservoir. Those feeders that have several sipping ports might accommodate more birds in the same time.

The perfect location of the feeder should be in a shady place, because the water will stay fresh for a longer period of time there. You should choose a spot for the feeder where it is easy to see from the window. The ideal distance is usually one or two feet, but you should move it farther in case the birds are colliding with the window.

In case you have cats or dogs, it might be a good idea to hang the feeder about six feet off the ground. The most suitable place for the feeder in this case will be near a tree or shrubs that would offer perches and shelter for the birds.

To make the feeder more visible for the hummingbirds, at the beginning you can hang colorful plastic and silk flowers on it. Later you can remove them, because once the hummingbirds find the feeder, they will remember its position.

Once the sugar-water runs out, you should refill the reservoir to offer continuous food source for the birds. Clean the feeder once a week. It is possible that the feeder will have some unwanted guests, like ants or larger insects. You might discourage them with water or bee guards.

If you are living in the northern area, you should leave the feeders until the last hummingbird has departed. Then clean the feeder and store it. In warmer climates you can use it all year long, especially if you are living on the West Coast or in the Southwest.

Still remember that in no circumstances should the wintering hummingbirds be captured, kept in greenhouses or transported to the tropical climates.

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