Know How To Build Your Own Backyard Pond!

backyard pondIs building backyard pond easy or tough? A general query arises among backyard pond enthusiasts.

Building a backyard pond is not at all a tough task if you plan and implement successfully [Pond construction].

Today, with the increasing popularity of ponds or water gardens, the backyard ponds are appearing in almost every house.

Backyard ponds are a natural and great scenic addition to any house. They are trendy, increases property value; improve social life, and good for health.

A pond in the backyard will surely create an eye-catching view for all and the water sound, beautiful plants, and fishes makes you feel fresh, keeps your mind relaxed and cool.

Therefore, if you want to feel that freshness, relaxation and coolness by building your own backyard pond, then now it is the right time to start.

How to build a backyard pond?

The key to build a successful and attractive backyard pond lies in proper planning, implementation by gathering relevant information on various building techniques and strategies [Building backyard pond].

Plan your backyard pond in terms of its location, depth, soil type, plant type, water flow and many more. A proper location to build backyard pond is where it suits with the natural environs and it can be gazed by all from a deck or patio. See that the pond is not under trees, as aquatic plants need more sunlight to grow better .

Plan the depth of the backyard pond. As a rule, the depth of pond needs to be 18-24”. Evaluate the soil around the pond and make sure that it allows the flow of excess water away from the pond. Also, plan the drainage of the pond and see that it is too far from the house.

Plan the landscape in the region of the pond with attractive plants so that frogs and birds love to live in. In case, if you are planning to use a pump for water circulation, then make use of a filter.

Once you made a proper planning, implement your plan into action using the proper techniques and strategies. To build a backyard pond, the good time is when the ground is dry. The techniques and strategies to build a backyard pond are:

  • Start the construction in the selected area by laying out the backyard pond shape on the ground using a rope.
  • Dig the area along the rope to attain the right shape of the pond. Store the topsoil aside so that it can be used later to landscape around the pond.
  • Take away the rocks (if any) from the dug out area and cover the bottom of the area with an inch layer of wet sand so as to avoid punctures in the plastic.
  • Spread and widen the liner over the dug area and allow it to set properly into the pond area. Fix the liner strongly by placing few rocks around the edges.
  • Slowly fill the pond with water so that the water weight keeps the liner stable.
  • Take out the rocks slowly, set the liner properly without any wrinkles, and put them back around the edges to hold the liner firmly in its position.
  • Set up a pump and filter for water circulation in the backyard pond. It is also essential to have a waterfall or fountain in your pond.
  • Add fishes and plants after few days so that the liners sit properly in the pond and the chlorine in the water are evaporated.

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