Pond Construction Adds Value To Your Garden!

pond constructionIf you have a garden, you will also have interest to decorate your garden with garden statues, garden benches and ponds.

You can easily maintain a backyard pond or water garden and it also adds value to your property and lifestyle.

You can construct a garden pond and after pond construction, better you get pool equipments, make the things level and move the rocks and dirt around to create a beautiful living water garden.

The basic essentials necessary for construction of pond are rocks and gravel, underlayment, skimmer, liner, pump, fill valve, plumbing, plants, biological filtration, fish and bacteria. This works as an ecosystem in the pond.

This ecosystem helps maintenance of your pond easy. Here is a simple explanation how this works as an ecosystem. Fishes eat insects and plants and afterwards the fish waste spreads through the system. The skimmer present in the pond draws water from the top layer of the pond and helps in circulation and aeration, while trapping debris in the net that is floating.

The pump that is situated under the net in the skimmer, pumps up to a bio filter. The bacteria now converts the waste into less harmful form for the fishes and less favorable to excessive growth of algae. The water stream adds more aeration that the bacteria and fish need.

Pond construction methods

The first and the foremost thing you should do is assessing the property where the pond should be situated. Note down all the existing structures and utilities. Determine the high and low areas for the construction of the pond.

The next important thing you have to consider is the safety. If someone purposefully or accidentally walks  into the pond, it should be like walking down the staircase, but not a steep, slippery or dangerous drop off.

You should also see that pond construction is very strong and your pond should be very clear and you will see the bottom contours, adding interest to the ponds interior. The pond interior should be constructed perfectly.

During the excavation phase, you should properly lay the filters and piping as well. Each construction site is evaluated by the salesperson as to how high or low the waterfall should be.

While constructing the pond, many of them overlook soil usage part. From the pond construction site, you should rarely remove soil. If soil quality is poor, bring organic topsoil for use for future plantings.

Remember that if the berm is constructed larger and broader, it will be easy to incorporate plantings naturally and it also helps water feature to reach its potential.

The important component in construction of pond is plumbing and you should use well designed water feature, which includes many components and construction materials for installation.

From time to time during pond construction, you may come across irrigation systems, as we often do. To save your self delays and confusion, familiarize yourself with plumbing and tools needed to work with these types of system.

You have to also see that you have perfect required installation packages for pond construction.

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