America’s Most Popular Grass Kentucky Blue

kentucky blueThe most popular species of grass used in American lawns is the Kentucky Blue grass; it is vigorous and creates a good dense surface, suitable for a variety of uses.

It is actually a European native bought over by early settlers.

Like all grass seeds, it will need plenty of watering after sowing, depending on the weather conditions of course.

If left uncut it will reach over three feet tall but it will crowd out other species with the exception of the dandelion. Regular mowing is essential but look out for growth spurts rather than assuming the correct frequency required [Lawn Mowers].

If starting from scratch, you will need for every one thousand square feet, about 3 pounds of seed. The best planting time is in early spring although you can get away with an earlier sowing if need be.

The Kentucky Blue grass grows well in a variety of climates including the colder parts of the north of the country. However its roots are very shallow, which means it can really suck up moisture.

So for warmer regions, it will need plenty of watering and that could create a lot of tiresome work on top of all the required cutting.

One advantage of the Kentucky Blue grass is that any damage incurred can be very easily put right by reseeding and it will look like new again. If unsure, a good guide is other lawns in your area because growing conditions in the most part will be exactly the same so what works for your neighbor will work for you.

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