Planting Maple Tree At Your Home Garden


Regarded as one of the most spectacular trees in the world, a maple tree provides us with a lot of uses.

Besides being adorned with rich vibrant color this tree also has useful sap that is used to make syrup. This tree is most popular for its unique shaped leaves.

maple treesThe sight of maple trees has been known to attract multitudes of tourists who are drawn by the majestic beauty of this tree. Planting maple tree at home certainly brings about the beauty look.

Maple trees grow to their maximum potential in very good soil. So before you decide to plant a maple tree you should have a soil test done on your chosen patch of land. This will enable you to know which nutrients are missing from the soil and have the problem rectified.

The soil is where the roots of the tree get most of its food so the correct type of soil is imperative. After you have established that the soil has the right minerals needed by the maple tree you should then make sure that you balance it with the right amount of moisture.

Maple trees grow well in the sun, so choose a spot where there is always sunlight filtering through. Another trick is to integrate mycorrhizal fungi into the soil as this is very good for the growth of the tree.

As you begin planting maple tee the spot that you choose for the maple tree should have well drained soil and ample space for the tree to grow without obstructions. This means that it should be well away from the house or any power lines.

red mapleThe season that you plant this tree is an important factor in the success of your mission. Fall or spring are said to be the best seasons to plant any tree and the maple tree is no different.

Roots of the tree develop better and much faster during chilly or cool weather conditions making fall the better season for planting your maple tree.

When planting maple tree as you dig a hole to plant the tree, make sure the hole is deep enough for the roots to be just under the soil but not too deep otherwise this might cause problems. Make the hole to be saucer shaped to allow the roots to spread well as they grow.

When you have planted the tree it is very important to keep it watered on a regular basis. Watering is very important especially to the young tree during summer. You can also put mulch around the tree to retain moisture. Following all these procedures will certainly bring you best results when planting maple tree.

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