Brussels Sprouts Are Not That Big Of Adventure


Now is the perfect time for sowing the delicious Brussels sprouts! Make sure that you are meeting few simple criteria for growing them and you will be surprised that is actually not so difficult.

brussels sproutsIf you want this vegetable to find place in your garden, then you should know several facts about it. First and most important is to choose the well known hybridizes of this culture.

Most recommended are ‘Wellington’, ‘Abacus’ and ‘Icarus’, which are not whimsical and can be well managed in any garden.

brussels sproutThose are and the hybrids, which give the best results. The proper soil must be solid and dense. In this case you can apply heavy clay in order to prepare your ground for Brussels sprouts.

The right timing to sow the seed is in the beginning of March. If you sow them at that time, you will see the result out in May. The transplants from dishes are another step to create tough roots.

The Brussels sprouts needs to have strong root system so to plant and grow the right way.  The perfect space for the Brussels sprouts is 2 feet apart and 3 feet between the lines.

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