Squash – A Trusted Friend In Your Organic Garden


In case you want to have summer squash in your garden, here are few tips how to plant the squash.

Usually the squash comes with two sorts – winter and summer squash but there is no taste difference between them. Go for summer squash, for it produces from early summer until November.

Don’t forget that squash is not a cheeky plant and it is easy to grow. Typically it takes 60 days for the growth after the planting, but some can grow for harvesting in 50 days.

The soil needs a special fertilizer as you make sure it is not drained. Go for enriching the soil with fertilizers. Watering is needed in the first weeks after the planting.

The squash is a sun lover, so plant it in areas with full sun. Make sure the area is clear from other plants, for squash is producing well on large areas and it can choke near other plants and flowers.