Growing Strawberry Plants The Organic Way


strawberry plantThere is so much beauty that is associated with the strawberry plant in general.

One will certainly agree with the fact that the strawberry plants add beauty to one’s garden. The red appetizing fruit can never seize to catch the eye of a passerby near the garden.

The taste of the strawberry fruit has for years been craved by many individuals.

The moment that delicious and attractive fruit enters your mouth you will certainly praise the works of the farmer behind the growth and care of this fruit. Well, with all this in mind let us take our time to look at how the best strawberry plants are grown.

Firstly I would like to make it clear out that organic gardening produces the best well known tastiest gardening produce.

Since there are only natural methods of growing plants or fruits used in organic gardening there is no distortion of the natural taste of the plants. Strawberries are quite nice and sweet if they are grown the organic way.

Crop rotation is one essential method that can be applied when growing strawberry plants the organic way. You will plant different vegetables in your garden in a ring manner or a triangular manner.

The way that you rotate the crops will help your garden to be free of pests and also maintain the right nutritional content of the soil. You may want to use gardening guides or use the internet to find the different crops that you can rotate with strawberry plants all year round. [growing strawberries

Planting strawberry seeds should be done in a well orderly manner thus you should not overcrowd the crop. The plants should be planted at least 30cm apart. When planting the seeds, you first start by planting them in a container then you transplant the seedlings to your gardening after a week or so.

This will allow proper growth and reduce the chances of the plants fighting for food. When planting the crops you should first add manure either from the chicken run or from a home made compost. This is one important part of organic gardening as inorganic fertilizers like ammonium nitrates should never be used at all.

Mulching is very important once the plants are now about 3 weeks old. The mulching helps to keep the garden soil wet at all the time especially in hot regions.

Mulching should be done in such a way that you maintain maximum soil cover; this reduces the chances of weeds growing alongside the beautiful strawberry plants.

Watering should be done constantly but avoid flooding the plants as too much water reduces their growth and also causes the fruits to taste too watery.  Well, if you follow the organic way of planting the strawberry plant you will not go wrong with the taste and appearance.

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