Propane Tank To Make Mosquito Killing Easier Than You Thought!


propane mosquito-trapWho is not familiar with mosquitoes? The most annoying insects of the garden and every gardener hate mosquitoes in their garden.

Are your steps regarding the control of the mosquitoes failed? Then there is a better solution in controlling the mosquitoes i.e. propane tank.

This is a cordless device that can effectively control the mosquitoes with the help of CO2 gas.

This is a battery powered thermoelectric module, which eradicates the mosquitoes up to 1 acre.

This silent, easy maintenance and odorless propane tank can make your work of killing the mosquitoes easier.

The octenol in the propane tank attracts the mosquitoes towards it. Once the mosquito is near to the tank, a vacuumed and close-range attractant attracts the mosquito into the propane tank; mosquitoes get killed due to the dehydration in the tank.

No gas is sprayed into the air for killing the mosquitoes, so this is perfect environment friendly product. Not only mosquitoes, but also biting midges, black flies and sand flies are killed with this propane tank.

This is weatherproof, lightweight and the plastic PVC construction makes the maintenance of the propane tank easy.

You need to look after the octenol cartridge in the propane tank and change once it is over.

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